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The Inspirational Success Story of A Farm Boy

Robert Workman, an inspirational success story, raised in the farm community of Lovell Wyoming, has lived by two mottoes:

1. “You can’t do good and not get good. It is impossible. It just works that way. It’s life.”

2. ” You can have anything you want in life if your help enough other people get what they want.” A Zig Ziggler truism that Workman has written on his office wall.

Robert, and his wife Angie, always wanted to be in a position to help people less fortunate. Early on they set out to make their dreams come true.

At the age of 21, Robert assisted in the management of his family’s craft store, Provo Craft, in Utah.  Soon he purchased the enterprise from his parents and expanded the business from a single store to include many retail outlets. Further expansion included a craft wholesale department with proprietary craft products.

Early on, Workman went direct to China to make purchases, as well as establish his own product lines. These product lines were successfully sold and distributed to the national craft industry propelling his company to a multimillion dollar business. His 20 year relationship with China proved to be of humanitarian benefit.

Robert sold his multimillion dollar business to pursue his ultimate goal to help others.

In 2007, he and his wife Angie, established Tifie Humanitarian, a non-profit organization which operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Western Samoa. (Tifie means: Teaching Individuals and Families Independence through Enterprise.)

“Trifie believes in lifting up the human spirit by supporting institutions such as orphanages, renovating and building schools,sponsoring youth activities, and encouraging other programs designed to strengthen the family and community.

‘We began teaching individuals and families independence through enterprise. We taught people to go help themselves,” says Robert Workman.

While in Africa, Workman discovered the lack of electricity in so many of the villages. This disadvantage, not only hurt family life, but handicapped the schools he was building.

It didn’t take long for Robert to find a way to help.

He went to his early craft sources in China and together they developed small affordable solar products to enable the village to have electricity in their homes and schools. The first “GOAL ZERO” prototype was born.

Within three years, GOAL ZERO has developed into another multimillion dollar company, featuring full solar energy systems that are portable enough to be carried to the top of a mountain in a backpack, or large enough to power home appliances as a back up energy source.

GOAL ZERO was the answer to lighting up small villages in Africa, one home at a time.

Robert and Angie Workman are examples of setting goals, putting plans into action, witnessing miracles, and being an inspirational success story.

May your life be blessed with Miracles and Success.

Melinda Lee, Successful Energy Healer

P.S.  Please watch this amazing video of the efforts of Trifie Humanitarian, the realized dream of Robert and Angie Workman.

Tifie Humanitarian

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