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Theta Healing Course and Session Testimonials

See what our clients have to say….

Georgia F.

It is the best thing that I have done for myself in my life, that says it all for me! It has given me a new start.

Thanks into eternity.

Georgia F. – Intuitive Anatomy Course

Daryl K.

Melinda Lee is a warm, compassionate person who offers her clients knowledgeable techniques and is a spiritual light with her overall healing.

Daryl K. – Salt Lake City, Utah

Mary S.

I received a tremendous, amazing, miraculous amount of healing throughout this class!

Thank you, Melinda! I appreciate all you have done for me.

The class was wonderful, to say the least. The teaching was enjoyable, professional, very informative and was given with lovely feeling and passion. You are a great teacher!

Mary S. – Intuitive Anatomy Course

Steven T.

Dear Melinda,

I thank my Father in Heaven for putting you in my path, especially when I was searching for more help for my mother. That gift, for me, has expanded to so many and blessed more than I could have ever imagined.

I’ve always loved serving others, but what has come back to me has been so glorious, words can’t express!

Thank you for helping me and giving me the tools to get through my mother’s final graduation with JOY! I know she is guiding me now on my path to helping others.

Steven T. – Sandy, Utah

Laurie C.

My weight has been a challenge for me most of my life. Never accepting my body and myself as I was, thus attracting more protection to my body as a cover up.

Within 4 months of doing work with Melinda, I gave up over 40 pounds to the Universe and the sensation or need to “protect” myself no longer exists. Her work has truly been a gift to me on my healing path. I am a believer in a power greater than I am that works through me and others.

The Divine energy with Melinda definitely met with and connected with the Divine energy in me to allow greater things to happen.

Laurie C. – San Diego, CA

Gerald A.

Dear Melinda,

I have to admit I was shocked at how easy and complete this work is.I don’t know what I expected, but I feel so relieved that all that anger against my father that I had kept bottled up in my body is GONE.

I don’t know how you did it, but I am so grateful I found you and LET you do your work.

Thank You!

Gerald A. – London, England

Hussain M.

I didn’t know what personal power felt like until you taught me the tools that changed my life. Now I feel powerful and free.

Hussain M. – London, England

Sharon F.

Thank You, Melinda, for bringing ThetaHealing® to our area.

I have been a healer and a channel for many years, but I must tell you that the healing techniques you taught us, to go into deep Theta to do the healing work, is the fastest and deepest I have ever experienced.

Also, my intuitive abilities have increased considerably. I am having a great time! God bless you.

Sharon F. – Sandy, Utah

Jill H.

My work with Melinda Lee has helped me move beyond old health issues and behavior patterns into self-acceptance and fulfillment in my life.

Jill H. – Washington, Utah

Steven K.

This is profound work going forth on this earth. I’m so privileged to be part of the chosen ones to work with God and help others.

Steven K. – Leeds, England

Luther R.

This is the most exciting, incredible thing I’ve ever done!

I’m so grateful to you for coming to our town to share this remarkable healing information with me. Your patience is immense! I also enjoyed the love and energy we created as a group, the special bonds that come from sharing spiritual energy.

Luther R. – Birmingham, England

Harvey M.

I really enjoyed each class. I know I have forever changed the way in which I think and feel about emotions and healing.

I loved the circle of unconditional love healings and eye of the soul experience, which helped me open up to others to see and trust the true divinity in them.

Harvey M. – Birmingham, England

Sally J.

Wonderful class! I loved all the interaction, which helps me learn the information.

Thanks for opening my mind to such a profound healing technique. With practice, I know this work will be easily applied to my life.

Sally J. – London, England

Nick H.

I am so touched by this work, and I know I have been guided to you, Melinda.

I cannot express my full gratitude for all the healing work you have done with me to bring out my true self.

The chronic pain I had is completely gone, my overall body feels younger, and my view of life is healthier. My life has never been more balanced.

Thanks for your warmth and caring.

Nick H. – Davis, Utah

Marlene P.

One of the defining experiences of my life.

I have released emotions from personal experiences that have been negatively impacting my life. I feel rejuvenated on a deep mental, physical and emotional level.

My perspective of life and my relationships with others is greatly improved. I approach life with a completely different perspective.

Marlene P. – Salt Lake City, Utah

Joanne S.

The healing session was so interesting and the messages so accurate.

I can see that this work is for real. It almost seems too good to be true!

I have known for a long time that we all have the power to heal ourselves and I feel so incredibly blessed to have found this work in order to help myself as well as others.

Thank You God!

Joanne S. – Sandy, Utah

Chloe S.

Your insight into my family history from an ancestral level was so interesting and you were so accurate.

Seeing my baby I had lost at the age he would be now, and the hair and name details were amazing.

I received so much guidance and clarity into my true-life purpose and which direction I should go.

Thank you for spiritual guidance and love!

Chloe – St. George, Utah


Sharon V.

I have a B.A. in Psychology and Communications, I am a Master Rapid Eye Technician and a Reiki Master and nothing has impacted my physical health and well-being like ThetaHealing® and the DNA work.

It has become an integral part of the other modalities. It brings enhancement and new insights for the health and well-being of our clients and families.

It also seemed that my whole soul has opened up to the new possibilities and heightened awareness of healing gifts, talents, and connection to my divine creation, and my Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, and Christ.

I acknowledge that with God, anything is possible!

Sharon V. – Sandy Utah

Jett B.

I loved every minute of this class. There is so much more to it than just reading the books. It’s applying it and practicing it.

You are such a natural teacher for this work and have such a sweet and kind way in touching everybody’s soul. Just think how many lives you touch.

Jett B. – St. George, Utah

Cindy B.

Thank you for introducing this amazing work to me.

I do Hypnosis, am a Reiki Master and have studied many forms of healing and this completes all healing modalities.

This course was so much more than I had expected, and I healed my own chronic back pain.

Cindy B. – St. George, Utah

Carolyn T.

Dear Melinda,

Just wanted to thank you for my new son! It’s been a little over a week since his visit. He says he’s never felt so good! He has energy and motivation. I’m pushing away the fear that this is too good to be true and embracing the fact that it really can happen.

I also appreciate the fee that you charged. I know he was there for 2 hours and both you and a friend worked on him. I know there is no price for his health, but your fee was welcome relief.

I’m sure other family members will soon be making appointments as they see the difference in Curtis.

Carolyn T. – Intuitive Anatomy Course


Raymond G.

My dad’s kidneys improved 90% from Saturday to Sunday. They are functioning on their own.

The weekend doctor was surprised by the improvement.

My dad doesn’t have to go through a dialysis machine and will be out of the hospital in a couple of days.

Tell Melinda thank you for me!

Raymond G. – Bluffdale, Utah

Carmen W.

Melinda’s Theta Healing has made it possible for me to now sit and stand comfortably. I had a compressed coccyx (in laymen’s terms broken tailbone) that made it impossible for me to sit comfortably. I also had a lot of pain from the waist down to my tailbone, encompassing my entire hip and lower back area.

After my sessions with Melinda, my masseuse asked me what I was doing differently because she was now able to go deeper than ever before. She had been working with me for over a year and was unable to barely touch that area without me being in excruciating pain. Since Melinda’s work, I now am able to sit for long periods of time like a normal person.

Melinda Lee is the greatest healer I have experienced. Her connection with the divine is very exceptional.

I send my blessings to all.

Carmen W. – Alpine, Utah

Karen S.

Dear Melinda,

Thank you a million times for the incredible Theta Healing class in Orem last week. It was awesome! Every day was so packed with wondrous information and healing; so many different pieces of the puzzle came together for me.

I came home and started reading the first Theta Healing book for the third time in order to go over what we learned. I’ve been practicing on my husband and on myself. I want to keep doing it every day. Now I can’t wait to take your next class, whenever it will be.

You are a phenomenal teacher and healer and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Many blessings to you. I hope your London class is just as wonderful.

Love – joy – peace, – Karen S. – Orem, Utah

Sandy W.

Dear Melinda,

I wanted to write and let others know of the healing that has taken place within me. I came to see Melinda with a lot of health issues. I have Fibromyalgia, slight MS and migraine headaches.

Before I met Melinda I had tried several different things to try and get well but nothing worked. I saw her on the Fox 13 newscast and knew in my heart this was my answer. I have been to see her 4 times and the healing that has taken place has been an incredible journey.

I would get migraine headaches every time a storm would move in and be down in bed until the storm would pass which kept my life pretty much on hold. I talked to Melinda about this on my second appointment. She gave me a healing and corrected the electrical energy that was out of balance in my body. There have been several storms come and go and I have been migraine free. This has been such a blessing to me.

Because of the healing sessions I have had with Melinda all of the emotional traumas that I have kept buried deep within, which have been a contributing factor in my Fibromyalgia, one day started coming forward. They did not come forward to force me to deal with them, but they came forward and were releasing themselves from me in a very healthy way. That was an amazing experience.

Through Melinda’s healings I have been able to heal not only physically but emotionally as well. Everyday I am amazed at how well I feel.

Through Melinda’s healing I am free of the pain from the Fibromyalgia and I look forward to each day which is not something I was able to do before. I know I am well because of Melinda and the Medical Intuitive Healing that she does.

Sandy W. – Utah

Victor S.

The session that I had with Melinda has helped clear up the physical discomfort I was experiencing.

Amazing stuff!!

I feel that Melinda’s work has helped me to gain greater insight into various fear-related beliefs that were showing themselves physically. I think that the dietary supplements that were recommended have been really helping tip things back into balance.

Her work has also given me a greater awareness and appreciation of my own personal power. Thank you, Melinda, for sharing this great work!”I am interested in additional sessions to help work on other things—right now I am enjoying how things are unfolding since the session!

Victor S. – Germany

Peter A.

I have received several healings from Melinda. We use ‘Skype’ to talk and see each other (it’s like a telephone, but then for free).

During our sessions there was a very loud noise coming through our computers. This happened when Melinda was in theta and replaced some programs in me. Melinda goes up to the theta state and her high vibrating frequency interferes with the frequency of our computers. It’s the same noise when you telephone to a radio station and at the same time you are too close to your own radio.

There was a moment when Melinda had done the replacements and was talking with me and still there was a loud noise. She told me that the spirits continued the healing work. When I moved my body away from the computer, the noise diminished a bit…

During my last session, Melinda guided me through the steps of ThetaHealing®. When I did this, the same interference noise arose again. It was less powerful than when Melinda goes in theta state, but for me this was an affirmation of using theta in the right way. It seems that when I focused ‘softly’ my mind on the programs and the releasing the noise became louder, then when I focused too hard/intense.

I love to do this and want to commit myself learning this incredible healing modality!

Thank you Melinda for your love, devotion, and teachings!

Thank you God for ThetaHealing® and for sending Melinda into my life.

Peter A. – Belgium

Dana C.

This class gave me my first in-depth look at my own body and the importance of nutrition in my spiritual health and development. I’m feeling whole and balanced for the first time in my entire life!

This knowledge will empower me and my family and community forever. The gift that will truly keep on giving throughout all time.

You are a living example of love and it is felt throughout your classes. A+++ on all levels. The classes kept moving and time passed too quickly. I felt every ones needs were met with equality and unconditional love.

Dana C. – Intuitive Anatomy Course

Robert S.

I am glad I took this class and stayed with it. I needed it so much and have grown more than I ever thought possible. And I anticipate growing and clearing even more as I continue to use the knowledge I gained here.

I am so ready to be well and am so glad to have finally found a way to actually get there. Thank you!

Melinda is a well poised, well prepared, excellent teacher who presented a well-balanced lesson plan. The videos provided a good visual basis for intuitively looking in the body. She is very supportive of students learning and growing into their own power.

The class was very well balanced with lecture, video, practice and breaks. The written material with downloads, emotions, supplements, info is very helpful and provides a great reference for review.

Thank you so much!

Robert S. – Intuitive Anatomy Course


I got so much out of all three of your classes! It has been life-changing for me and will be for my family.

It was really enlightening and very useful to be able to take three weeks to focus on the body. I realize how little I knew, and still need to learn, about the body. I had no idea it is so incredible.

Thank you so much. I’m excited to take it home and begin to digest and practice it and learn and practice new and better ways of being and living.

Melinda, I love you! I love your calmness, your laugh, your sense of self and your humor. I hope to someday know half of what you know. I admire and respect who you are and what you stand for and especially for your dedication to healing.

My best to you always. Thanks for your patience and I wouldn’t change a thing in your classes. They were perfect and just what I needed!

Lanea – Intuitive Anatomy Course

Carla P.

I feel I received more than I could ever imagine. It has made me feel whole and well again and finally find what I was searching for.

I felt so lost until God sent me to my earthy angel (Melinda).

I know now I can move forward and love and give more without feeling drained. My purpose is finally recognized.

Thank you so much.

Carla P. – Intuitive Anatomy Course

Emily A.

Before I found Melinda I suffered from severe panic attacks. Other issues I wished to resolve had been with Depression and Severe Anxiety. I tried every medication available to treat these conditions with no success.

I was referred to Melinda Lee by an herbalist and after only one visit I felt the weight of these emotional issues lifted to an astonishing degree almost immediately.

Over only a short time the healing has resulted in a dynamic and breathtaking self-transformation. I will eternally be grateful to Melinda and her work and what gifts of peace and love it has brought to my life, and the lives of those around me.

Emily A. – Salt Lake City, Utah

James A. Sinclair

Dear Melinda,

I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing sessions I’ve had with you.

I have really felt a shift as you helped release the self-imposed limiting beliefs that stand in the way of our Divine Perfection!

We can experience more of who we really are each time we transform the resistance.

Through your work you helped me do this and your intuitive guidance and caring heart provides the perfect space for change.

James A Sinclair Creator of: “What If? The Movie;